We stock a considerable selection of Gates Auto Belts, which are an original equipment supplier to most of the world’s car manufacturers. Gates offer garage owners and mechanics Original Equipment equivalent belts which are specially designed for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Our range of Gates components consists of Timing Belt Kits, Timing Belts, V Belts and Micro V Belts.


Batteries are big business and we stock three types of EXIDE batteries. The classic range caters for the price conscious Customer and carry a two year guarantee. The EXIDE Excell range are a high-quality battery with 15% extra starting power compared to a standard battery and are recommended for most modern cars and carry a tree year warranty. The EXIDE Premium range carry a four year warranty and have 30% extra starting power compared to a standard battery. We also offer a free battery recycling service for our customers.


We keep in stock, a substantial quantity of Oil, Air, Fuel and Cabin Filters to meet the service requirements of the entire range of road vehicles. We offer our customers the highest performance filters that are specifically designed using the latest Original Equipment technologies based on the particular application and engine requirements. Thanks to our large supplier network we can offer our customers the choice of numerous top brands that include Mann Filter, Coopers-Fiaam, Blue Print, Mahle and Wix.




Our customers count on us to keep them safe on the road and with a full range of quality wiper blades in stock to fit virtually any vehicle on the road today, our customer gets quality and reliability. We stock both Trico and Champion wiper blades which give you exactly what you’re looking for by offering the best and safest visibility solution for all types of vehicles. Both manufacturers feature exclusive materials and design innovations to ensure the cleanest windscreen in every driving condition.


The entire Delphi brake range is designed to match the performance levels of Original Equipment parts. Delphi use more than 20 different friction materials across their brake product line, this contributes to dampening noise-producing vibrations and providing a higher bonding strength with the back plate which ensures the closest possible match to OE performance and comfort characteristics. We stock an extensive range of Delphi braking components including pads, discs, shoes, hoses, wheel cylinders, cables, fitting accessories and brake calipers which cover all the major vehicle manufacturers are also available to order. Upon request we can also supply components from the Mintex and Blue Print ranges and Calipers from the Delco Remy and Brake Engineering product lines.


Blue Print
Blue Print is the leading brand of aftermarket parts for Japanese and Korean vehicles. Within our stocks we keep a large selection of Blue Print filters and upon request we can order in specialist components from their extended product range. The Blue Print range covers an extensive line of components which include Clutch, Cooling, Braking, Ignition, Engine Management and Belts to name but a few.


Clutch Parts
At Michael Pitt Ltd, we stock a comprehensive range of LUK clutch kits to suit most European and Japanese passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Upon request we can also cater for customers looking to purchase Solid Flywheels, Dual Mass Flywheels, Conversion kits and Clutch Cables. Thanks to our large supplier network we can also supply, upon request, other top brands in terms of clutch parts such as Sachs, Exedy, Blue Print and Valeo as well as LUK.




Steering & Suspension
Steering and suspension systems and components are an integral safety part of all vehicles and Delphi’s range of steering and suspension products are designed to match original equipment levels in terms of aesthetics, material specifications and performance. Here at Michael Pitt Ltd, we hold large stocks of the Delphi steering and suspension range which provides a complete repair solution by supplying products with the necessary accessories such as bolts, washers, nuts, brackets, clamping rings and bellows. By adding these accessories we help save garage owners and mechanics time and money. In addition to the Delphi range, we can also supply components from the Febi, First Line and Blue Print product lines.



Automotive Body Parts
We have access to the entire range of Somora Motor Parts, who hold the largest range in Ireland of automotive body panels, lighting, radiators, air conditioning condensers, door mirrors and electric window regulators covering all popular makes and models of European, Japanese and Korean passenger vehicles and light commercials. All parts are available upon request with same day delivery available on most products.


Bosal is a major worldwide supplier to car manufacturers for complete exhaust systems including catalytic converters. At Michael Pitt Ltd, we stock a selection of the Bosal Exhausts range to suit most European and Japanese passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Upon request from the Bosal range, we can supply Silencers, Pipes, Catalytic Converters and Mounting Material such as Pipe Connectors, Gaskets and Mountings. In addition to the Bosal range, we can also supply a selection of Exhausts from the KC Products range.


NGK is a leading manufacturer of spark plugs, spark plug covers, glow plugs and Lambda sensors. As a world leading OE supplier to the major car manufacturers, NGK components are designed to meet the most rigorous standards, thereby delivering reliability and consistent performance under all conditions. We keep a considerable stock of NGK Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs to suit the specification of most European and Japanese passenger and light commercial vehicles. Upon request we can provide customers with other components from the NGK range such as Lambda Sensors and Ignition Leads. In alternative to the NGK range, we also offer our customers the choice to request components from the Denso, BERU, Champion and Blue Print product lines.



Bulbs/ Lighting
Car bulbs are a critical safety component of all vehicles, not only do they allow you to see but they also enable you to be seen. We offer the most comprehensive range of automotive bulbs from the smallest interior panel bulb right through to the leading performance headlight bulbs. We keep in stock both Ring Automotive and Neolux bulbs in both 12V and 24V versions in order to cover the entire range of passenger and light commercial vehicles.


Shock Absorbers & Coil Springs
We keep in stock, a selection of Monroe and KYB Shock Absorbers to fit the majority of European and Japanese passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Both the Monroe and KYB Shock Absorber range offer you a high quality Shock produced in the same plants and using the same technology as those mounted on your car as original equipment. We can also supply a wide range of both Monroe and KYB Coil Springs which includes high tech coil spring types such as the side load compensating spring, the tapered wire spring and the mini block spring. In addition to Shock Absorbers and Coil Springs we can also supply upon request, Shock Mounting Kits and Protection Kits. We also give our customers the choice to request components from the BOGE and AL-KO product lines.





At Michael Pitt Ltd, we have access to an array of Electrical Automotive Components which enables us to supply our customers with a wide selection of Sensors, Switches and Modules. We keep a number of popular components in stock however; the majority of these parts are available upon request with same day delivery available on most products. Components are available in brands such as Meat & Doria, Facet, Bosch and Delphi to name but a few.



Each Cooling component we supply is built to stringent Original Equipment specifications by an Original Equipment manufacturer so you are guaranteed the highest quality Water Pumps and Thermostats. We stock a number of Miratec Water Pumps and upon request we can supply other brands including Airtex and Blue Print. In terms of Thermostats, we keep a number of Gates products on the shelf and we can also supply other brands including Blue Print.

CV Joints & Boots
We offer a comprehensive range of Original Equipment matching quality CV Joints and Boot kits which are designed to be a direct replacement for the original parts. We keep a selection of Inter Parts CV Joints in stock and also offer our customer’s alternative brands including Blue Print. Regarding CV Boot Kits, we have a large selection of First Line Kits in stock which are supplied with all necessary stainless steel clips which is a unique feature to First Line. In addition to this we also stock a range of Universal Stretch Boot Kits which are designed to be used for multiple applications.

Kept in stock are a number of Optimal Wheel Bearing Kits which are manufactured to Original Equipment quality and contain all necessary parts required for replacement. The Optimal range includes three main types of Wheel bearing Kits which include grooved and angular roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and integrated wheel bearing units (hub units with built-in electronic sensors). Alternative brands offered include SNR and Blue Print which can be supplied upon request.



Oil Sumps
At Michael Pitt Ltd, we offer our customers a range of Febi and Vaico Oil Sumps which are available to order.